Elite Flatland

This is a 2D space combat and trading game based on the BBC Micro classic "Elite", originally released in 1984. Written in Python using the Pygame library.

Micromite Companion

I currently maintain an online build guide for this PIC32 microcontroller kit. This is a great platform to introduce kids to programming. The assembled computer has a structured version of the classic BASIC programming language.


A turn-based dungeon crawler written in Python. This game uses a unique combat system that is based on an opponent "telegraphing" their intended next move.

Space Game One

A real-time spiritual successor to the classic mainframe TREK game from the 70s. Written in C++ and compiled for the Windows console.

Retro Game Engine

This engine was written from the ground up in C and SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) as a way to implement a kind of "fantasy retro computer", a machine that is limited in colors (27 total), pixel resolution (480 x 360), text resolution (60 x 45), and sound (simple square waves), but not limited in processor speed or memory size. I made this as a fun way to create retro-styled games that all share a common look and feel.

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